• Public transportation is great: Underground trains, surface trains, trams, buses. Nov 2017: Uber is available (No Lyft) and is pretty cheap
  • Most tourist attractions are in a compact area, easily walkable
  • Stay in the Innere Stadt, close to the Ring Road. The Le Meridien is a great hotel in a great location
  • Most business establishments can charge your credit card in US$, instead of Euros. You can avoid International currency charges by doing this (unless you have a special Credit Card good for International charges). Of course, pay attention the conversion rate to ensure you aren’t being ripped off.
  • Using a Credit Card without human interaction requires you to enter a PIN code (for example, trying to buy a subway ticket from a machine). Make sure you have set a PIN code on your Credit Card before you travel. If you haven’t and have to use a card, you can always use a ATM/Debit Card.
  • Lot of people smoke in Vienna – even in some restaurants. Some restaurants have a non-smoking section
  • On mass transit: There are no turnstiles / barriers to using mass transit, and there are no ticket checkers. If you get caught by extreme bad luck, the penalty is 100 Euros. You decide how you want to handle this situation. (Long distance trains are an exception. Your tickets WILL BE checked)
  • If you are a woman travelling alone, most of Vienna appeared safe.


  • 1 museum per day // 1 climb per day // No trips across town
  • To Do for Next Time

    Photos taken with a iPhone 6