North Rim


Notes here


  • Visit Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park (GOOD, 4/5)
    • There is a $10 entry fee. If you want to avoid paying, you can park at Coral Pink Sand Dunes Pullout (37.053336, -112.713048) and explore some of the dunes for free.
  • Visit Moqui Cave (LAME, SKIP)
  • Drive to Point Imperial. (4/5, GOOD Views)
  • Drive to Cape Royal Parking. Walk to Angels Window and Cape Royal (5/5 GREAT Views). (Good Sunset view from here.)
  • Start driving toward North Rim Visitor Center
  • Stop at Walhalla overlook.
  • Stop at Roosevelt Point Overlook. (Meh, SKIP)
  • Park at North Rim Visitor Center. Walk to Bright Angel Point (5/5 GREAT Views) (Do this at Sunset).
  • [Night in Mount Carmel, UT]
  • The map might appear broken because roads are closed in the winter