It’s like Portland’s almost an alternative universe. It’s like Gore won. The Bush administration never happened. In Portland it’s almost like cars don’t exist, right? People ride bikes or double-decker bikes. They ride unicycles. They ride the tram. They ride skateboards! In Portland you can put a bird on something and just call it art!
– Portlandia

Must See / Do

  • Portland Japanese Garden
  • Visit the awesome Powell Book Store. The HUGE book store occupies an entire city block. They actually have a map of the store – ask for it at the front desk when you enter
  • Take a Day Trip to Hood River
    • Drive on the Historic Columbia River Highway. Lots of good landmarks along the way:
      • Vista House
      • Latourel Falls
      • Multnomah Falls
      • Vista House
      • Bonneville Dam – Check out the Salmon bridges and the locks
    • In Hood River, visit the pFriem Brewery and have some excellent beers


To Do for next time

Photos taken with an iPhone 6s